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This ministry is committed to helping people by:

  • Discovering the Kingdom of God
  • Equipping them to understand and function in their purpose
  • Encouraging them to live lives that are successful in God, ministry, and business
  • Empowering them to influence and impact their world
  • Matthew 28:19

Our Love

Love of God is unconditional...

Influence & transform

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Our Lord

Lord of heaven and earth...


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Renewing our minds

Accomplish your Purpose

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Our Life

Lives of purpose and destiny...

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Teaching Ministry

Shelly McClain

Our Light

Light of the world...



To influence others towards change and fulfillment of purpose, through the good news and expansion of the Kingdom of God.                                                                                               Matthew 6:10



To Engage and Influence the World.

Shelly McClain Teaching Ministry Int'l, Inc 

We are a registered Non-Profit Organization