​​​Ministry Focus

(Matthew 28:19)


Matthew 28:19    ( AMP)

     Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations

     [help the people to learn of Me,  believe in Me, and obey My      words], baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the          Son and of the Holy Spirit.

  • Vision:  To Engage and Influence the World

  • Mission:  To influence others towards change and fulfillment of purpose through the good news and expansion of the Kingdom of God.            

This ministry's goals and function are to simply teach the Bible without compromise and help believers in understanding God’s truth and directions, in such a way that the believer does not follow blindly but makes a conscious decision to know God’s word and will for themselves and be guided by the Holy Spirit.  

It's our goal to:  

  • To change lives
  • Provide training that will help people fulfill the call of God upon their lives 
  • Help raise believers who would take the Word of God as the final authority in every area of their life and ministry
  • Expand the Kingdom here on earth through discipleship and leadership

The Church tends to become disconnected from the only source of truth and authority, the Word of God. Unsure of what it believes, unable to articulate and defend even the core truths of the Christian faith…In this season God requires his people to know and operate in His ways.  Everyone has a mandate on their lives, and It's Time to begin functioning as God ordained for you.

To be renewed in mind involves thinking beyond the way the world does, it is every believer’s responsibility to actively represent God and carry out His assignment. 

Our mandate is based on Matthew 28:19  where Jesus is asking us to 'go out' to the world and bring others into the kingdom of God.
It’s our job as believers to do this and not rely on church services to change the world.

Jesus' assignment has now become our assignment as defined in

Luke 4:18-19

The direction of this ministry is to equip and teach people to fulfill their purpose according to God’s will and His original intent. Impacting lives and bringing light into darkness as Kingdom citizens.

We  conduct conferences, seminars, and other training events on

Kingdom living and principles designed to equip the Church globally.


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Teaching Ministry

Shelly McClain