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Shelly McClain is an equipped teacher who is passionate about teaching the Bible and helping people gain insight and understanding in the God they serve.  Her 20+ years experience in ministry enables her to teach, train and encourage people... to focus on what they are destined to do in the world 'today'.

She enjoys helping women gain focus and insight into their true existence and how they can impact the world around them. She speaks truth and encouragement to those who are called to ministry especially pastors.

Originally from the islands of Trinidad & Tobago, she accepted Jesus as a teenager.  After attending Bible college in the United States

she returned to Trinidad and immediately began working in ministry where she spearheaded many different departments,  including the women's ministry and bible study at various churches before relocating to Atlanta in 2002.

What she loves most is her relationship with God and family, which 
enables her to have a genuine and compassionate experience with people. 

Shelly has a desire to be transparent and share God’s truth with clarity and looks forward to any opportunity to share the good news of the Kingdom.

She lives in Georgia, USA with her family and would love to connect and share with you.

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